Website Sales Funnel And
Customer Journey Mapping

Capture, channel and convert more customers with a
masterful sales funnel

Lead targets from prospect to purchase in a few simple steps.

We build robust sales funnels that take high-quality leads on an exceptional customer journey to becoming lifetime clients.

Lead targets from prospect to purchase in a few simple steps.

We build robust sales funnels that take high-quality leads on an exceptional customer journey to becoming lifetime clients.

Sales Funnel Creation: From Acquainted To Customer In No Time

Sales funnels help you sell more!

Your content marketing and advertising have attracted qualified prospects. Where to now? Reduce the risk of letting hot leads slip through the cracks. Mapping your customer’s buying journey streamlines your sales process, nurturing prospects and converting them into happy customers. And happy customers are loyal customers! We’ll show you how a properly planned sales funnel ensures higher customer retention.

See It For Yourself

Experience the power of a website sales funnel in action.

How Building A Sales Funnel Will Benefit Your Business

Customer journey mapping and sales funnel development work together to:

  • Increase customer awareness.
  • Form stronger emotional connections with prospects.
  • Grow consumer buy-in.
  • Capture and convert more leads.
  • Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Improve customer retention.
  • Enhance sales forecasting.
  • Earn a higher return on marketing investment.
  • Identify and improve problem areas.

Planning The Buyer Journey

Our keen insight into user behaviour, business processes, B2B sales and digital marketing equip our sales funnel design. We create a digital marketing strategy and map out the customer experience using best-practice methodologies.

Our service includes content development and implementation. We optimise your digital marketing channels and automate strategically timed brand messaging. We understand the intricacies of selling “project” services. Our team holds extensive corporate consulting, sales and marketing experience within the software, IT, construction, and logistics sectors. 

CXM = The art and science of coaxing lifetime loyalty from daily transactions
Steve Curtin

Typical Stages of a Sales Funnel


Consumer education and lead magnet tools: e.g. eBooks, guides, infographics, or webinars.


Prospect to lead conversion tools: e.g. Landing pages and transactional emails.


Lead nurturing and customer retention tools: e.g. drip email campaigns and newsletters.


Sales conversion devices: e.g. trial offers, demos, exclusive added value on sign-up.

Lead more customers from prospect to purchase

“No longer will people accept viral marketing. What consumers are expecting — and craving — is a more personalised, curated experience.”
Penny Wilson

What is a Sales Funnel, Exactly?

The sales funnel (sometimes called a marketing sales funnel) amplifies the impact of your digital marketing. It entices targeted leads to purchase. Every aspect of the customer journey is carefully designed to lead customers from a stage of “getting-to-know-you” to “choosing to buy”.

Customers who experience a pain-free buying journey form a connection with your brand. They become life-long repeat customers and brand advocates. Give customers a positive experience, and they will become a powerful extension of your sales force!

Example of How a Sales Funnel Works

People are made aware of or discover your offering through advertising, social media or content marketing (like a blog).

A prospect expresses interest by submitting their email address as “payment” for something that provides value. For example, a newsletter, a free eBook, template, cheat sheet, or a webinar. The prospect is now a lead.

The exchange takes place. The lead receives a link to retrieve their free tool or enters an email nurturing funnel. They are offered even more value or an incentive that creates a desire to purchase, like a free 30-day trial or 20% off their first purchase.

The lead is compelled to take action and purchase, acting on your offer.

The Smart Choice for Services With a Long Buying Cycle

Some sales are complex. A business doesn’t choose a telephony provider based on a single advert. There are multiple decision-makers involved in construction projects. That’s where a strategically built sales funnel makes all the difference.

We have a proven track record of building robust sales funnel strategies for corporate brands.

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