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Market Research

Client and Competitor Research to Bolster Your Inbound Marketing

When it comes to effective online marketing, knowledge is power. Our market research services guide enhanced digital marketing decisions for greater business success.

The beauty of our connected age is that there are reams of data ready for the taking! We help you harness the power of digital data, gathering deep insights about your wish-list customers and competitors.

Know who you are talking to, how you should speak to them, how you can reach them, and what you can do to outshine the competition!

The Top Benefits of Client and Competitor Research

Focused, more effective marketing activities

Reach the right people, with the right message, on the right platforms. Increase brand awareness where it matters most, grow customer loyalty and enjoy higher quality leads.

Increased return on marketing investment

Focused marketing activities directly translate into advertising and content marketing savings. Only spend where you are guaranteed results.

Be a market leader

Not only does market research help you to remain relevant and up to date with industry trends, but it helps to identify new gaps in the market.

Minimise risk

By tuning into your markets’ needs and preferences, you can make better-informed decisions regarding product launches and service offerings that will hit the mark –and sell!

Identify potential market changes

Industry and competitive analysis also help to identify and proactively prepare for potential market changes. Imagine if Blockbuster had foreseen on-demand streaming before Netflix?

Realistic benchmarks to evaluate success

Market research provides factual data to aid forecasting and set benchmarks against which you can measure the success of your marketing.

Famous Digital Media Market Research Services

Uncover insights about your audience and competitors. We combine thorough market research, business analysis and strategic planning to identify the optimum marketing activities that will help you to reach your target audience effectively.

We take a three-phase approach to conduct thorough market research on your behalf:

Competitor analysis

via Google and Social Media platforms of your top ten competitors. We provide a competitive benchmark report.

Telephonic customer interviews

to canvas customer experience, satisfaction and service insights.

Comprehensive research document

with collated research results, analysis and actionable marketing recommendations.

What is market research, and how can it help my business?

As the name implies, market research is the process of gathering information about the marketplace. That is, the influences outside of your company, but within your immediate environment, which may affect your business. Namely, your new or potential customers, the competitors who want your customers, and general industry conditions.

This intelligence enables you to make more informed marketing decisions and ultimately gain market share.

  • Catering to your target market’s specific needs will grow your customer base and their loyalty.
  • Staying abreast of what your competitors are doing enables you to plan and stay one step ahead.

Client (or consumer research) and competitive analysis are components that fall under the market research umbrella.

Competition is rife in the digital age. Our customers go to Google first as soon as they require a product or service. The company that appears first, with the right message that “speaks” to them, will get their attention!

Any business can benefit from market research. The more you know your customers’ likes, dislikes, needs, and what motivates them to purchase –the better equipped you are to serve them.

A word from our valued clients

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