Digital Advertising Campaigns

Online Advertising and Promoted Content

Promote your business online through Google and social media.

Increase online brand visibility where it matters most with the right mix of digital advertising campaigns.

Online advertising is a powerful way to ensure that your solutions appear on Google and social media when potential customers are searching for products and services like yours!

Digital advertising refers to paid online exposure that includes sponsored (promoted) content on social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC, now formally known as Google Ads), and premium display advertising. It is a component of digital marketing which encompasses all of your digital brand promotion.

The Benefits of Running Strategic Digital Advertising Campaigns

There are numerous advantages of running strategic digital marketing campaigns:

  • Strengthen your online presence for better brand awareness
  • Appear in searches related to your offering
  • Display your brand to targeted potential customers where they spend the most time online
  • Drive more relevant traffic to your website for higher quality leads
  • Cost-effective advertising with a higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Create a seamless customer experience with omnichannel marketing

Famous Digital Media Digital Advertising Campaign Management

Paid media management to boost inbound traffic.

We help drive qualified, ready-to-buy leads to your website through paid online advertising campaigns.

Our core focus areas are Google Ads (also known as Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click, PPC), dark ads and promoted content on social media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram). We conduct research to identify the best performing keywords and social media channels to reach your desired customers.

Our campaign management service includes:

  • Campaign strategy aligned with online marketing goals as well as channel and ad account set-up, and launch.
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure maximum visibility in line with your budget.
  • Monthly reports include analysis of results and insights on how to extend your reach.
Reach more ready and willing buyers for less!

Need more help with your online marketing? We offer turnkey services supported by our in-depth digital, marketing and business know-how. Speak to us about our digital marketing strategy, market research, corporate identity, sales funnel, content creation or reporting and insights services.

How digital advertising campaigns give your business a competitive advantage

It’s no secret that in this day and age, your customers are almost constantly online. From work to home or out-and-about, they are quick to search the web for anything they need. It’s imperative that your solutions appear when they do. If not, your competitors will – but that’s not all!

Digital advertising provides a host of business benefits that far outweigh traditional marketing methods. Promoting your business online with digital advertising and content marketing allows you to target your wish-list customers with pinpoint accuracy and minimal costs. That means that you are only spending money on reaching the customers that matter.

You can target customers based on their geographic location; age; gender; job title; lifestyle and even their behaviour. This is immensely powerful, imagine serving your ads to people who have already indicated interest because they searched for solutions similar to yours!

What’s more is that, through social media advertising, you can establish and build meaningful relationships with your target audience. The average person spends roughly 2.5 hours on social media per day, and 31% of respondents in a recent survey said that they discover new brands and shop on social media. Most purchasing decisions today are influenced by the experience and subsequent corporate image provided by a brand online. If you’re engaging with your audience and serving useful information that allows them to build trust, then you are securing a wealth of future long-term customers for your business.

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