Customer Journey and Sales Funnel Development

Attract High-Quality Leads, Convert and Retain More Happy Customers

Your content marketing and advertising are working hard to attract prospects, but you need a well-designed sales funnel to sell!

Planning your customer’s purchasing journey and sales funnel reduces the risk of qualified leads slipping through the cracks. The system streamlines the process of nurturing prospects to become leads and convert them into customers. You are better equipped to retain more customers and scale your business.

Benefits of a Sales Funnel System

  • Increase customer awareness
  • Form stronger emotional connections and consumer buy-in
  • Capture and convert more leads
  • Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Earn a higher return on marketing investment
  • Identify and improve problem areas

Sales Funnel Development with Famous Digital Media

As digital marketing experts, we map out the customer experience using best practice methodology. We optimise each of your digital marketing channels and automate wherever possible to ensure customers receive timely, strategic brand messaging.

We offer content development and implementation of solutions through each stage of the customer journey, leading prospects down the sales funnel:


Consumer education and lead magnet tools: e.g. eBooks, guides, infographics, or webinars.


Prospect to lead conversion tools: e.g. Landing pages and transactional emails.


Lead nurturing and customer retention tools: e.g. drip email campaigns and newsletters.


Sales conversion devices: e.g. trial offers, demos, exclusive added value on sign-up.

Lead more customers from prospect to purchase

What is a sales funnel, and how can it help my business?

The sales funnel (sometimes called a marketing sales funnel) amplifies the impact of your digital marketing, enticing targeted, qualified leads to purchase. Every aspect of the customer journey is carefully designed to lead customers from getting-to-know-you to choosing to buy.

Customers that experience a pain-free buying journey form a loyal connection with your brand. They are more likely to become life-long repeat customers and a powerful extension of your sales force through positive word of mouth.

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How the Stages of the Marketing Sales Funnel Work

Here is a basic outline of how a sales funnel may work:

Awareness. People are made aware of or discover your offering through advertising, social media or content marketing (like a blog).

Activation. A prospect expresses interest by submitting their email address as “payment” for something that provides value. For example, a newsletter, a free eBook, template, cheat sheet, or a webinar. The prospect is now a lead.

Retention. The exchange takes place. The lead receives a link to retrieve their free tool or enters an email nurturing funnel. With this, they are offered even more value or an incentive that creates a desire to purchase, such as a free 30-day trial, or 20% off their first purchase.

Revenue. The lead is compelled to take action and makes a purchase on your paid offer.

How large should my business be before I develop a sales funnel?

It is never too early to develop a sales funnel – in any size business. A sales funnel is a powerful tool to help streamline processes, attend to all potential customers and grow your business.

You can only benefit by having a defined strategy to increase brand exposure and, in turn, ensure that more people who come across your brand are compelled to click!

Customers are armed with more choice and perform far more pre-purchase research than ever before. Managing your sales funnel gives you a competitive edge. It enables you to create a pleasant journey where prospects feel confident about choosing your company above others.

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