Famous Digital Media Online Marketing Agency South Africa

Famous Digital Media Online Marketing Agency South Africa

Your Brand, In Front On
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We are an online marketing agency focused on inbound marketing for business-to-business (B2B) brands.

Your Brand, In Front On
SERPs | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Search Results | LinkedIn

We are an online marketing agency focused on inbound marketing for business-to-business (B2B) brands.

Working with Famous Digital Media

Our services are centred on optimising the customer’s journey, which builds their trust and propensity to purchase.

What we do

We design, execute and manage paid advertising and content marketing strategies that generate profitable sales.

Our services are particularly well-suited for the software, IT, construction, engineering and logistics sectors.

Certified Google Partners

Where we place your content

On Google Search Results Pages (SERPs), Google Display partner sites, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest), and your website.

How we help you to generate business

We implement a custom digital marketing strategy that includes a unique customer journey map to lead prospects through the stages of your sales funnel.

Who we serve

Any business that wants to generate business online can benefit from our services. We are especially skilled in helping companies in the technology, construction and logistics sectors. We are a Johannesburg-based digital agency serving local and international clients with online inbound marketing.

Our specialisations

Our team holds extensive corporate consulting, sales and marketing experience within various sectors, particularly technology and construction. We understand the intricacies of selling “project” services. So, we’ve honed our inbound marketing skills to help brands with complex sales cycles.

Generate Profitable Sales

When we are your online marketing agency, you’ll receive a solid digital marketing strategy to:

Place your brand in front of decision-makers

Strategic brand awareness tactics.

Reach your target market

Combined paid adverts, SMM and content marketing.

Build Trust

Purpose-built digital customer journeys leading prospects through sales funnel.

Feed your pipeline

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations.

Create Sales

Guidance on converting online leads to offline sales.


We provide monthly analytics and insights on how your digital assets perform, accompanied by recommended actions for marketing optimisation.

Meet our Marketing and Advertising Team

Maxine Bolt

Maxine Bolt

CEO and Owner

  • BCom (Hons) Business Management
  • BCom Entrepreneurship
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals
  • ITIL Foundation Certified
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 4.0 Agilist

Maxine is a strategic and critical thinker who is passionate about delivering excellence. She enjoys working with people and contributing to SA business growth. Her career started as a business management and technology strategy consultant with Accenture. She knows the ICT and SaaS sectors well.

Maxine always investigates cutting-edge technology trends, online consumer behaviour, and ways to push the envelope. When she’s not behind the wheel at FDM, you’ll likely find her lifting weights at CrossFit.

Kylie Green

Kylie Green

Content and Social Media Manager

  • BCom Marketing Degree
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing certificate
  • Google Ads display certificate
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals
  • Campaign Manager Basics

Kylie is a driven go-getter who has trebled her accolades in just a few years of her career so far. Graduating with a condoned distinction (and second-year top student award) under her belt, Kylie entered the workforce with a mantra to never stop learning. Her passion for digital marketing shows as her Google and digital marketing achievements list keeps growing.

Kylie manages our clients’ content and social media with meticulous care. Her excellent communication skills are a breath of fresh air to the busy marketing managers and business leaders with whom she deals.

Emily Gabara

Emily Gabara

Office Support

Emily has been with Famous Digital Media as we’ve grown and is a valued member of the team. She is a self-motivated, energetic and hardworking individual with many years’ experience.

She has great pride in her work, always ensuring a clean, healthy and friendly environment in the workplace. Her key responsibilities are to ensure that our offices, bathrooms, kitchen and boardroom are kept clean and sanitised at all times.

She is a pleasure to be around and continues to add value in our offices.

Gary Bolt

Gary Bolt

Chairman and Owner

  • Professional Digital Marketing Diploma
  • Quantity Surveyor (site surveyor)
  • A+ Diploma

Gary has an unwavering commitment to helping your business grow. His confidence in digital marketing is infectious. He holds a wealth of valuable experience in driving sales and teamwork. He’s an excellent motivator and uses this skill to build others up while growing solid teams. Gary’s open communication skills, energy, and ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter make him a firm favourite among senior decision-makers.

He keeps up with this active team by staying fit in the gym and occasionally going for a few rounds in the ring.

Our Staffing Model

The FDM online marketing agency staffing model uses a blend of in-house and outsourced resources that are highly qualified in their respective fields. Our continued growth allows us to attract talented individuals from different marketing disciplines to support our services. We match our talent to your specific projects for optimum results. We’ve got the perfect team for your graphic design, copywriting, media buying and search engine optimisation needs.

Our Vision

To be the digital marketing partner of choice, in the construction and software industries, enlarging territory and optimising journeys for our clients’ clients.

Our Values

Work with integrity  |  Treat everyone with respect  | 
Deliver excellence  |  Take responsibility  | 
Exercise patience  |  Teamwork gets things done

Summary of Services

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Web and Social Media Content Creation

Paid Media Management

Sales Funnel and Customer Journey Mapping

Marketing Optimisation Analytics & Insights

Famous Digital Media Classroom

The Road to Becoming a Leading Digital Marketing Company

The story behind our online marketing agency.

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • The start of something great

    Gary Bolt founded FDM in 2015 after experiencing the value of digital marketing first-hand. He had ventured into digital marketing to promote and grow sales for the business he was running at the time. He successfully built a brand online through paid media. While he was ‘converted’ (pun intended) by the effectiveness of digital advertising, he too realised that with expertise and adequate resources, he could amplify his results 10-fold.

  • The need for inbound marketing

    Gary was not alone. Conversations with his network revealed that many business owners had either not learned about or fully leveraged the benefits of digital marketing. Without hesitation, Gary turned his focus to helping fellow business owners reach more customers and grow revenue with online advertising and inbound marketing.

  • A fresh new look

    Two years later, Maxine Bolt joined as a partner. Maxine’s corporate business management experience brought a new structure, strategy services, and a company re-brand.

  • Growth in all areas

    Famous Digital Media continued on a growth trajectory. 2018 saw numerous expansions. We added more services in response to market needs, diversified the industries we serve, and more clients came on board. With that, our team of experts grew proportionally.

  • Here for the long run

    Famous Digital Media continued to sharpen skills and provide relevant solutions within digital marketing. Learning journeys started to stay abreast of the latest search engine marketing techniques.

  • The year of increase

    FDM was delighted to have started 2020 off with a bang! Where other businesses started dialling back, our team grew! A successful acquisition saw us welcome a range of new clients.

  • Google gets behind our name

    Meet Famous Digital Media, certified Google Partner . Qualifying as a Google Partner is as exciting as adding Dr or Prof after your name—it’s like the online marketing agency equivalent. It means that you are in the hands of capable professionals. Once again, despite staggering odds in the economy, FDM recorded growth in clients and employees.

  • Digital acceleration

    The pandemic pushed digital transformation and online procurement to new heights. We are helping businesses realise the full potential of digital marketing.

Choose FDM as your online marketing agency

A Word About Famous Digital Media

It’s not enough to just be online.

Optimising your website and marketing channels enables you to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message. It gives your search engine marketing laser-focus, attracting revenue-generating leads.

Here’s what past and present clients have said

about Famous Digital Media.

Proud to Be the Online Marketing Agency of These Top Brands

It’s been an honour serving these B2B businesses, past and present.

Proven B2B Marketing Proficiency for Businesses With Project Deliverables

When your sales involve tenders, RFQs, proposals, and include words like “project scope” we get you! Our executives come from industries where the sales cycle can take months and involves several contact points to reach the final decision-makers. That’s why our online marketing agency excels at helping B2B businesses get face-to-face sales meetings.

You need an agency that understands that “add to cart” won’t cut it. But, if you’re selling products and want an eCommerce platform, we can help there too. The point is that we provide the right solution for your business. No cookie-cutter marketing here.

We hold experience in ICT software and infrastructure, BPO solutions, construction, engineering, and project management. Over the years, we have also earned a reputation among transport and logistics companies who appreciate that the person searching isn’t always the one who signs. So, we build customer journey maps that consider all the stakeholders in the buying process.

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