About Famous Digital Media

Digital Marketing Agency

We are a digital marketing agency, offering turnkey online marketing and brand management services centred on the principals of inbound marketing. Our bouquet of services covers every aspect of your online marketing needs.

We exist to help you, business leaders and marketers, build your online brand.

Draw the customers and sales that you want directly to your door. Inbound marketing is the gold standard of business communications today. It enables you to reach your ideal customers through helpful content at key moments in your customer’s buying journey.

The Internet has created a global village that gives every business a platform for exposure, but not every company will be seen. When there are hundreds of competitors all vying for attention, your potential customers are spoilt for choice and, so, they can afford to be picky.

Connecting your target customer to your content.

People choose to buy from a brand that they trust, where they know they will get what they want without any hassle. When you, as that brand, deliver on your promises, the rewards are outstanding. Your customers become your brand advocates. They are fiercely loyal; unafraid to show it publically and effectively become an extension of your sales team. It’s not too good to be true! This is the reality of well-executed inbound marketing.

Why We Do It | Our Story


The start of something great

Our company was established in 2015 after our founding member, Gary Bolt, experienced the value of digital marketing first-hand. Gary ventured into the realm of digital marketing to promote and grow sales for the business he was running at the time. He successfully built a digital brand through paid media. While he was ‘converted’ (pun intended) by the effectiveness of digital advertising, he too realised that with expertise and adequate resources, he could amplify his results 10-fold.


The need for inbound marketing

Gary was not alone. Conversations with his network revealed that many business owners had either not learned about or fully leveraged the benefits of digital marketing. Without hesitation, Gary turned his focus to helping fellow business owners reach more customers and grow revenue with online advertising and inbound marketing.


A fresh new look

Two years later, Maxine Bolt joined as a partner. Maxine’s corporate business management experience brought a new structure and, with that, a new strategy development service, as well as a re-branding for the company.


Growth in all areas

Famous Digital Media has enjoyed steady growth ever since. We’ve expanded our digital marketing offerings to cater to the market needs. And with that, our team of experts grew, as well as the client industries we started to serve.


Here for the long run

Famous Digital Media continues to sharpen our skills and provide relevant solutions in the digital marketing world. We look forward to many more years of enabling South African business to compete and thrive in an ever-changing online world.


The year of increase

FDM was delighted to have started 2020 off with a bang! Our team grew and we welcomed a range of new clients from a successful acquisition. We look forward to productive and thriving years ahead.

Meet Us

The team

Our continued growth allows us to attract talented individuals from different marketing disciplines to support our various service offerings. We’re able to match our talent to your specific projects to ensure the best results. Whether you need all your graphics designed, or your copy written by someone who understands the nuances of your industry, we’ve got the right person for you.

Our leaders

We have a hands-on team at the helm. When you work with us, you will personally meet either Maxine or Gary, often both.

Maxine Bolt | CEO

BCom (Honours) Business Management

BCom Entrepreneurship

Google AdWords Fundamentals

ITIL Foundation Certified

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 4.0 Agilist

Maxine is a strategic and critical thinker who oversees projects with meticulous care. Before joining Famous Digital Media, Maxine was a business management and technology strategy consultant with Accenture.

She enjoys working with people, is passionate about consistently delivering excellence, and contributing to the positive growth of SA business.

Maxine never stops learning. She’s always investigating cutting-edge technology trends; seeking new ways to do things and expanding her knowledge.

Besides running the business, she spends her time throwing around weights with her CrossFit community.

Kylie Green | Social Media and Content Manager

Kylie obtained her BCom Marketing Degree in 2017, where she achieved a top student award in her second year and passed her degree with a condoned distinction.

She is passionate about all things digital marketing and is hungry to learn.

With that drive, she further qualified herself in the following certificates:

Fundamentals of digital marketing certificate

Google Ads display certificate

Increase efficiency with automated bidding

Google AdWords Fundamentals

Campaign Manager Basics

Our Vision

To be the digital marketing partner of choice, through structured and creative offerings, with a pre-eminent mindset and a vision to expand territory.

Our Values

Our Clients

Enough About Us, What Are Your Business Goals?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective strategies that achieve your business goals and maximise returns.

Market Research Services

Competitor and client insight to guide improved marketing decisions.

Corporate Identity Manual Creation

Ensure that potential customers form the right impression of your organisation.

Content Creation

Grab attention, engage, and compel your audience to convert!

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Increase online brand visibility with Google and social media advertising.

Measurement Reporting and Management

Track, analyse and see where to improve your online marketing performance.

Customer Journey and Sales Funnel Development

Reduce the risk of qualified leads slipping through the cracks.

Digital Marketing Platform Setup and Audits

Build a new website or social media platform or review existing platforms.

Not sure which service best suits your needs?